One of the hottest new trends in environmentalism involves reducing the amount of plastic products that we use in our daily lives and opting for more natural, organic products made using recycled or sustainable materials. While this is still a new idea to many, one company has embraced the plastic-free lifestyle and is creating an innovative new product which has changed the disposable tableware industry for the better.

Edible And Compostable Wheat Bran Tableware

     That company is Biotrem and they have created a line of wheat bran tableware products that are disposable, edible and compostable. Wait, edible? Yes, edible. Every Biotrem plate and bowl is made of 100% natural wheat bran and purified water, so, yes, they are edible.

     But one of the biggest benefits of  Biotrem’s compostable wheat bran tableware products is that they are easily compostable. In fact, Biotrem’s biodegradable wheat bran tableware products are fully compostable within one month or less, whereas most paper disposable plates can take years and disposable plastic tableware can take centuries to degrade.

The Story Behind Biotrem

     Biotrem’s compostable wheat bran tableware products were invented by Mr. Jerzy Wysocki. His family has been in the milling industry since the beginning of the twentieth century so they know a thing or two about the milling process and how to get the most out of their raw materials. Using his milling experience, Mr. Wysocki created a modern production facility in Poland to manufacture his wide range of fully compostable tableware and cutlery. Produced from natural and edible wheat bran, Biotrem’s compostable wheat bran tableware products are sold by eco-friendly retailers all over the world.

How Biotrem’s Biodegradable Wheat Bran Tableware Products Are Made

     Using a clean, environmentally friendly manufacturing process to create their extensive line of disposable wheat bran tableware, Biotrem uses only the highest quality natural raw materials including sustainably farmed wheat bran and naturally purified water. Then, high pressure and high temperature is used to form the wheat bran paste into plates, bowls and cutlery which can be used with hot or cold foods and can be safely used in the oven or microwave.

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