Create Plastic-Free Events

Create Plastic-Free Events

We all know about the health and environmental benefits of living a plastic-free lifestyle. And, while it can be challenging to achieve, the rewards are well worth the additional effort that we put in. one area of our lives where going plastic free can be the most challenging is when we host an event. Whether it is a family get together, a work event or any other function that you are putting together, it can be difficult, but not impossible, to incorporate plastic free living.

     With that being said, let’s take a look at some ways that we can create plastic-free events both easily and effectively.

6 Tips for Creating Plastic-Free Events

Ask Attendees To BYO- one way to help incorporate plastic free living in your next event is to ask the attendees to bring along their own reusable cups, bottles, utensils and containers. Explain the importance of a plastic-free lifestyle and how they can help by suggesting the Biotrem range of edible wheat bran plates and cutlery.

Provide Zero Waste Or Plastic-Free Food- purchase food for the event in the bulk bins at your supermarket and bring along your own glass or other reusable plastic container to store the food in.

Provide Plastic-Free Dishes, Cutlery, And Glasses- Biotrem offers a complete range of edible wheat bran plates and cutlery designed especially for catering, birthdays, parties and any other event where you want to go plastic-free.

Provide Filtered Tap Water- by providing filtered tap water, your event attendees will feel less like they need to bring those single-use plastic water bottles they purchased from the store.

Collect Plastic Name Badge Holders To Reuse- at many corporate events, plastic name badge holders are often used once and then discarded. This creates a lot of plastic waste. Instead, have attendees leave their plastic name badge holders in a bin when they leave so they can be reused later.

Offer Compostable Paper Cups And Straws- compostable paper cups and straws are an excellent alternative to plastic and they are readily available. They are available in a wide range of materials and many of them have a corn-based plastic lining rather than a polyethylene lining.

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