Many of us do our part to reduce waste in our homes and other areas of our daily lives. From the reusable shopping bags we use, to the stainless still water bottles which help us avoid those single use plastic bottles which are filling up our landfills, every little bit matters. Some of us even go out of our way to find new ways to reduce the amount of waste we create or to tell others how they can do the same. But what about the office? Are there things that we can do to reduce waste while we are at work?

     If you have been looking for ways to reduce waste in the office and help bring your workplace one step closer to becoming a zero waste workplace, keep reading for some useful tips that will help you do just that. Let’s take a look:

5 Ways To Reduce Waste In The Workplace

Go Paperless- by using less paper in the workplace, you are also reducing the amount of paper waste your office creates. Use software programs such as Google Docs for all of your document creation needs and a cloud host to save them in so you can access them anytime you need to.

Add A Paper Recycling Bin- by installing a paper recycling bin where it can be easily accessed, you will find that more people will begin using it and your recycling efforts will catch on and grow throughout your office.

Print Smarter- Instill a “Think Before You Print” mentality in your workplace and get others to join your zero waste initiative. You can also reduce printer waste by having employees set their defaults to print double-sided, and ask employees to use the “Print Selection” function.

Use Real Dishes And Silverware- by using real dishes and flatware, you will be able to reduce the amount of both plastic and paper waste in the office.

Ditch The K-Cup Machine- while coffee makers that use the popular plastic coffee pods are easier to use and a lot more convenient, they are also very wasteful. Switch back to a standard coffee maker and reduce the amount of plastic waste in your office by a significant amount.

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