Since the start of the industrial era, we have been producing toxic substances, waste and non-biodegradable materials in huge quantities. Wastefulness in modern society has already reached epic proportions. It’s disheartening to know that millions of metric tons of plastics are being dumped into landfills every year with no hope of being recycled.

     Green living is crucial to reduce pollution and save the environment and that means that we all need to adopt a zero waste lifestyle. If you are looking for ways to start a zero waste lifestyle for the new year, here are some ways to do it:

How To Start A Zero Waste Lifestyle For The New Year


     Modern kitchens have so many disposable items that produce a large amount of waste. Here are 4 easy ways to reduce the amount of waste we create in our kitchens:

  • Bring your own shopping bags for groceries
  • Use non-disposable dinnerware.
  • Use reusable sandwich bags.
  • Use reusable rags, instead of paper towels.

     Forty percent of food items goes to waste in the UK. If some of your food can’t be salvaged, then you can turn it into compost for your vegetable garden. You can also donate cooking oil from your chip pan to facilities that produce biodiesel fuel.


      Used clothing causes an incredible amount of waste. The production, shipping, washing and drying processes of clothing contribute to the global production of CO2. To achieve a zero waste lifestyle, buy used organic cotton clothing that uses biodegradable materials and non-toxic colourings and take care of your clothes so they will last longer. Rips and tears are less likely to happen if you are being careful when washing, drying and wearing cotton clothes.


     One of the best ways to live a zero waste lifestyle at work is to bring your own lunch. Use reusable packaging utensils that you can wash and use again the next day and purchase an aluminium reusable water bottle. Whenever possible, you should go paperless in the office and communicate with email or instant messaging more often. Bring smartphones or tablet with you to show co-workers or clients important documents. Even if you have significantly reduced your use of paper products in the office, there can still be stacks of used paper by the end of the month. Bring them to recycling facilities along with other recyclable waste from your office.

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