When asked what the single, most important accessory any urban dwelling person could have if they could only take only one item out into the world with them, many people answered the smartphone. While smartphones are important in today’s technological world, we have lived for centuries without them and we have done just fine. No, the single, most important item any urban dwelling person should have with them at all times isn’t an accessory at all, it’s water.

     When you stop and think about it, we can live without our smartphones and other connected devices, but we can’t live without water. Having said that, I suppose there is an accessory that all urban dwellers do need if they are to keep water with them wherever they go. After all, we do need something to keep our water in and that something is a reusable water bottle.

     Reusable water bottles are becoming more and more popular as we try to reduce the amount of plastics in our lives. Reusable water bottles are often made of food-grade steel or aluminium and are BPA free. How easy is it to carry and use a reusable water bottle in a large city such as London, for example?

Water Refill Stations

      With Thames Water increasing the amount of water refill stations throughout the city, it is easier than ever to keep your water bottle filled with cold, fresh water and stay hydrated. The refill stations are free to use and fit a wide range of reusable water bottle sizes.

Reduce Plastic Usage

    Another benefit of using a reusable water bottle, especially in a large city is that, the more people that use reusable water bottles and stop using plastic single-use water bottles, the more we can save on the overall usage of plastic in these cities. Our carbon footprint and the carbon footprint of our city is collectively reduced as well.

     As you can see, it is very important that more urban dwellers such as ourselves make the switch from plastic single-use water bottles, to reusable water bottles from Vimi today.

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