Have you noticed that no matter how hard you try to live a plastic-free lifestyle, you continue to see plastic products being used and discarded all around you. It seems that everywhere you go and everywhere you look, there is plastic. This is because we have relied on plastic since its invention to provide us with inexpensive products designed to make life easier.

     With people all over the world finally becoming more aware of the dangers of plastics, we are noticing it more and taking steps to reduce the amount of plastics we use in our daily lives. Still, we can become so busy that we often forget and reach for the nearest, most convenient plastic item available.

     What can we do to avoid this? We can create a Plastic-Free Kit which includes many of the necessities that we need to get through our day plastic-free. What should we include in our Plastic-Free Kit? Let’s take a look:

Ecoffee Cup- avoid using those plastic or foam coffee cups and choose the Ecoffee Cup instead. Made of natural bamboo fibres, the Ecoffee Cup is durable and reusable.

24 Clima Insulated Bottle- the Clima Insulated Bottle is made of durable and reusable stainless steel and can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, longer. It also has zero CO2 emissions, enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint every time you refill your bottle.

Stainless Steel Straws- reusable, plastic-free straws can make a dramatic impact on the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills. They are often much more sanitary than the straws you will find in most restaurants and cafes.

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bag- reduce the need for plastic even when shopping with Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags. Designed to eliminate the need for plastic produce bags, Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags are made of natural fibres which enable your fresh produce to ‘breathe’ whilst being stored.

Biotrem Edible Wheat Products- perfect for your plastic-free lunch, Biotrem offers a wide range of edible wheat products including plates, cutlery, bowls and more.

     These are just a handful of the things that you can add to your Plastic-Free Kit and, perhaps by using more plastic-free products while at work or when travelling, others will notice and start adopting the plastic-free lifestyle as their own.

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