The holidays are officially upon us and, with all of the consumerism that has become part of the season of giving, we quickly become a wasteful society. No matter how hard you practice a zero waste lifestyle throughout the year, somehow, the holidays have a way of making us forget all of our hard work. With wrapping paper, holiday cards, batteries for toys and games and more, the holidays can be very wasteful if we let them.

     If you are looking for ways to reduce the amount of holiday waste you create, keep reading as the zero waste experts from Vimi are going to share some tips to help you do just that. Let’s take a look:

6 Ways To Reduce Waste This Holiday Season

Use LED Holiday Lights- reducing waste isn’t just about paper products. While our holiday lights may be beautiful, they can waste a lot of energy. Instead of using traditional Christmas lights this year, choose LED lights instead and use 80% less energy.

BYOB(ag)- just as if you were purchasing your weekly groceries, bring along your own shopping bag when doing your Christmas shopping. This will reduce plastic shopping bag waste and ensure that your gifts are kept safe and sound in your reusable canvas shopping bag.

Rechargeable Batteries- every year, more than 15 billion batteries are sold around the world and just as many are thrown out. This much waste is hurting our environment. Choose rechargeable batteries for your Christmas gifts and waste less while playing more.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper- instead of the commercial wrapping paper, which is difficult to recycle, look for an eco-friendlier, recycled wrapping paper instead. To go even more zero waste, don’t wrap your Christmas gifts.

Choose Recyclable And Recycled Holiday Cards- just as with the holiday wrapping paper, when you choose recyclable and recycled holiday cards, you are reducing your holiday waste and doing something good for the environment. You can also avoid giving paper holiday cards, send a digital one instead.

Use A Live Christmas Tree- instead of cutting down a tree, just to hang some lights on it and throw it away a month later, choose a live tree instead. With a live Christmas tree, you can decorate it for the holidays, then plant in the spring.

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