Biotrem Wheat Bran Compostable Cutlery (Fork / Knife) - 10 Pcs

Biotrem Wheat Bran Compostable Cutlery (Fork / Knife) - 10 Pcs

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The oceans are meant for the majestic water creatures to swim, not for the ugly plastic cutlery. Did you know that disposable plastic cutlery can last for centuries in water and on land where they slowly release toxins in the environment? Well now that you do know, we think it would be wise to do something about it.

While single-use wooden cutlery is a better option, when compared to its plastic counterparts, here at Vimi we have found the perfect food partner you absolutely need in your life.


If refusing single-use plastic cutlery whilst buying food from a food truck or any vendor will help the environment from accumulating toxic waste, then it is definitely a wise choice!

Presenting the Biotrem compostable forks and knife. This eco-friendly cutlery is made with wheat bran and polylactic acid, which makes it 100% biodegradable. Made in Europe with love and strict industry standards, this compostable cutlery can easily lift your favorite treats without snapping in the middle, unlike plastic ones who can’t handle the tiniest pressure.

At Vimi we promote a zero waste life which is all about reusability and sustainability, and these although being single-use are better alternatives to plastic.

You can use them to eat cold and warm food, but anything above 40℃ would disintegrate them, and just to point out you wouldn't be able to eat something that hot without burning your mouth anyway. If you’re allergic to gluten, this product unfortunately isn’t for you.


Store the cutlery in dry and covered spades, making sure the area is moisture, humidity free and isn’t kept under direct sun rays. Remember what your mom said, no cutleries in the microwave? Do not consume extremely hot or fizzy liquids or food with this product, it makes the dissolving process rapid.


These are single-use disposable cutlery which disintegrates within 30 days. Place it in your industrial compostable bin.

Material - 90% Polylactide (PLA), 10% Wheat bran.

Packaging - 16 cm (L) x 23 cm (W)

Handmade in UK