Ecoffee Cup - Miscoso Primo

Ecoffee Cup - Miscoso Primo

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Ahhh – a fresh cup of coffee. Nothing better to start the day, is there? Well guess what, there is. Enjoying a cup of freshly brewed, environmentally friendly coffee out of your bamboo fibre reusable coffee cup! Because, despite looking like they’re just made from cardboard and therefore recyclable, 99% of single-use coffee cups end up in landfills – that’s seven million in the UK. Every. Single. Day.

It’s easy as 1,2,3 - find your favourite design, pop your cup in your bag and you’re good to go. Besides always having the most stylish cup in the coffee shop and having all eyes on you for clearly being such a thoughtful and responsible person, you will now also pinch the pennies. Most coffee shops these days charge between 10p and 50p (shout out to Pret-A-Manger) less when you bring your own reusable cup.

This way, you’re not only saving the environment one delicious coffee at a time, you’re also saving yourself some extra cash that you can then spend on reusable cups for all of your coffee addicted friends. In fact, if you go for the medium sized version of the cup, you will break even after as little as 20 coffees. If you are an average coffee drinker, you will be drinking around two cups of coffee a day and 10% off all your coffees out in a shop. Meaning that you’d be buying 72.8 coffees a year. With a reusable cup, you’d now be saving over £36 and, even more importantly, 72.8 single-use coffee cups – a proper win-win situation. Coff-abulous!

 Why we love this product:

  • Super light and comfortable to drink from
  • Made of the world’s fastest growing, most sustainable crop – bamboo
  • Naturally sterile which means no nasty smell or taste accumulating in your cup
  • It’s biodegradable – when the cup has done its duty, send it back to where it came from. Soak it in boiling hot water and bury it with your organic compost, where it will disintegrate in 24-36 months. Not the lid and sleeve, of course. These can be recycled easily.


What is the product made of?

  • Made of approximately 60% bamboo fibre, depending on your cup size, and corn starch
  • Lid and protective sleeve are both made of food grade silicone


Anything else I need to know?

  • Your bamboo cup can break, just as any other cup as well. But you don’t need us to tell you to handle cups with hot liquids with care anyways, do you?