Hydrophil Bamboo Cotton Swabs - 100pcs

Hydrophil Bamboo Cotton Swabs - 100pcs

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The best example for how a small change in behaviour can have a massive impact on the environment must certainly be cotton buds. After an image of a seahorse holding one of them went viral (if you haven’t seen it, have a quick Google), regular cotton buds have taken a massive hit in terms of their reputation, and for good reason.

 In fact, the eco-friendly alternative to plastic cotton buds is so convenient and easily accessible, it leaves you with no option but to make a better choice.

 Made from bamboo and organic cotton, these sustainable cotton buds are 100% biodegradable and conveniently come in boxes of 100, so you don't run out anytime soon. So, whilst this zero-waste alternative might not make a difference in your bank account, they will certainly make a massive difference to the environment. What a great incentive to swap the swab.

 Why we love this product:

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Your new cotton buddies are water neutral
  • They come in a box of recycled cardboard and don't we just love products, where even the packaging is sustainable? Yes, yes we do!


What is it made of:

  • Our all-time favourite plant - the fast-growing superstar bamboo
  • Organic soft cotton


Anything else I need to know:

  • These are biodegradable so you could throw them into your organic waste or compost, where these cotton buds will naturally disintegrate.