Biotrem Wheat Bran Compostable Cutlery (Fork / Knife) - 10 Pcs

Biotrem Wheat Bran Compostable Cutlery (Fork / Knife) - 10 Pcs

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 Have you ever stood in front of a food truck at one of those fancy street food festivals and wondered whether there was a more sustainable alternative to single-use wood or, even worse, plastic cutlery? Yep, guess what, so did we. And we went a step further and, guess again, found a sustainable solution for you!

 Whether it is for your next office party or road trip with friends, these biodegradable wheat bran knives and forks are your perfect, on the go, zero-waste alternative to less sustainable cutlery options. They aren’t reusable, but at least they are compostable, meaning they don’t end up in our landfills. Way to go, biodegradable cutlery!

 Why we love this product:

  • Robust and stable, not like those cheap, single-use plastic items that break as soon as you put the smallest bit of pressure on them
  • Great asset to your compost, where they quickly disintegrate, making them…
  • …100% Compostable (industrial level) Yeah!
  • Produced in Europe and under strict European regulations (EC1935/2004 EP and the European Council of 27 October 2004, to be precise)

 What is the product made of?

  • 10% wheat bran
  • 90% polylactide which, at first glance, might strike you as just another word for plastic, when really, it is biodegradable thermoplastic! This means it’s 100% biodegradable, as it’s made from natural sources like corn starch or sugarcane

 Anything else I need to know?

  • First things first: No eating of your cutlery.
  • Also, just stick to what mum taught you: No cutlery in the microwave (and not in the oven either, for that matter!)
  • 40°C is the maximum temperature that your cutlery likes to work in and, to be fair, you probably wouldn’t want to eat food hotter than that anyways
  • Contains Gluten and is therefore not suitable for anyone with Gluten intolerance
  • Store in cool and dry place, like your everyday kitchen cupboard
  • Not suitable for hot or fizzy drinks (this includes hot soups as well), due to those liquids speeding-up the dissolving process
  • For the same reasons, avoid contact with other liquids for more than 30 minutes
  • It doesn’t like being washed either for, guess what, the same reasons!
  • No reusing of these forks and knives – just chuck them into your industrial compost instead, they’ll love it there!