Everyday Pack - Set of 3 - Beeswax Wrap by Good To Bee

Everyday Pack - Set of 3 - Beeswax Wrap by Good To Bee

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Cling Films and plastic wraps might be successfully wrapping your delicious sandwiches but it is clogging our oceans and polluting our environments. It's almost everyday that a turtle dies by getting choked with it or fishes and birds by consuming it.

Just like all the non-recyclable plastic products these wraps aren’t compostable or recyclable. 

That’s why you see them lying everywhere. It’s time to replace it with a sustainable alternative like organic beeswax food wrap.


To limit your exposure to cling film Good To Bees Beeswax food wraps are the most eco-friendly choice. Why?

 They are made from natural ingredients, including; organic cotton, beeswax (duh!), tree resin and organic jojoba oil. They’re completely plastic-free, so no harmful chemicals will be leached into your food unlike the traditional cling film.

Moreover they are reusable, which is fantastic. They offer 3 size options, so you can pick up the one that suits your needs.

 The ‘Everyday Pack’ comes with 3 size options which can be used to tuck your bowls, plates, food-on-the-go in these wholesome eco wraps.

The ‘Big One’ is one large single wrap (50cmx50cm)  which can cover an entire loaf of bread or a huge chunk of your favorite greens. GoodToBee Big One not only has been blessed with a beautiful design but also practicality.

The ‘Lunch Pack’ comes with two 2 large wraps (30cmx30cm) which can easily wrap up your delicious sandwiches or snacks that you can wrap and take on the go.

Our products are cruelty free and are made responsibly and sustainably with the help of some local bees.


Pick the size of your choice, tuck and fold your food, or cover your bowls and plates by covering it and pressing on the edges and you'll see that it sticks right on with the natural wax and the warmth of your hand. After you have finished using a beeswax wrap, hand wash it in cold soapy water and it’s ready!

When they start looking a bit exhausted, lay them in a baking sheet and put them in a preheated medium oven for 2 minutes. Lift them up carefully and they should be dry within seconds. This will re-pasteurize and refresh them.

Avoid keeping it near heat or in the microwave.


If you take proper care of it, it’ll last with you for a really long. Once you think they are worn out beyond repair, pop it in your compost bin as they are fully home compostable and produce zero waste.

Material - Organic cotton, local beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil.

Packaging – 100 % Recycled Paper Wrap

Product Dimensions - 3 x Beeswax Wraps consisting of:

1 Small 20 x 20 cm 

1 Medium 25 x 25 cm

1 Large 30 x 30 cm 

Packaging  - 0.7cm (L) x 13.2cm (W) x 19cm (H)

Origin- Made in the UK