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KeepCup BREW - Chai

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If you’re under the impression that takeaway cups are made of paper and can be recycled then we’ve got bad news for you. A plastic lining is added to your cup so the coffee doesn't leak through. This makes the recycling process impossible and these disposable cups either end up in the landfill or get incinerated.

A report published by the UK government points out that 2.5 billion cups are thrown away each year. With this rise in coffee culture, why don’t you rise to save the planet? It’s very easy.


One cup that lasts you for years to come or disposing 3 cups on an average everyday, what would you prefer? If it’s the first option then we’d like to present you the KeepCup.

They’ve crafted the most practical reusable cup for your coffee on the go, so you can enjoy it without harming the environment.

It’s tough and durable along with being BPA free. It’s made out of fully-tempered soda lime glass which is the most light-weight, microwave safe and 100% recyclable glass out there. The lid creates an airtight seal so you don’t have to worry about your coffee spilling on your brand new white shirt.

What’s more exciting is that they’ve come out with two ranges: Brew series and Cork Brew Cup. The Brew series gives you a plethora of colourful options to choose from, with the heat resistant band being made out of silicone. The Cork Brew Cup has a cork band which acts as a heat barrier. It comes in four sizes: XS (6oz/ 177ml), S (8oz/ 227ml), M (
12 oz/ 340ml) and L (16 oz/ 454ml).


First thing first, wash it thoroughly when you first receive it. Make yourself a cup of coffee at home and pour it into the KeepCup. That’s it.
Or if you are out and about, tell the barista to pour your coffee order in your KeepCup.

The KeepCup brew is dishwasher safe, remove the lid and place it on the top shelf of your dishwasher. We suggest hand washing the cork band and placing the glass cup in the dishwasher.


When the time comes, your cup, lid and plug should be placed in your recycling bin. The cork band is made out of recycled cork and can be composted. While you’re at it, be wise and ask your local council how you should go about disposing silicone.