Reusable Cotton Rounds x 12

Reusable Cotton Rounds x 12

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It’s the end of a long day, you’ve worked hard and kicked *** and all you want to do is give your skin some time to breathe. So, you reach over the sink and grab one of those cotton pads, ready to sleep the sleep of the just, knowing that you’ve done your bit to save the planet. But, wait a second –cotton pads? Cotton? Isn’t that considered one of the most water intensive products? Yes, yes unfortunately it is. But no need for despair, we’ve got the zero-waste, reusable alternative for you.

 Our two-ply, reusable cotton pads are your perfect partner in crime when it comes to your skincare routine. Whether that is taking your makeup off in the evening or applying toner in the mornings, your little washable cotton friends have got your back. They come in a colourful little washbag to keep them together in the wash and, with 12 of them in each pack, will easily get you through a whole week of your busy life.

The global average water footprint for 1kg of cotton is 10,000 litres, with water consumption ranging from around 8,000 litres in the US to about 22,500 litres in India. So, by buying the reusable, zero-waste cotton pads you will be drastically reducing your water footprint, saving the environment one cotton pad at a time.

 Why we love this product:

  • Handmade in the UK with love
  • Comes in a colourful washbag
  • Washable and therefore the perfect zero-waste alternative to conventional cotton pads

 What is the product made of?

  • Made of 100% cotton – 100% reusable

 Anything else I need to know?

  • It might be best to get yourself two sets of these washable makeup remover pads to make sure you always have one handy when the other one is in the wash